Courage Best Bitter
Courage Best Bitter, a traditional southern-style bitter with an excellent reputation for quality and consistency, it is the top-selling cask-conditioned bitter in the South of England. Courage Best is a classic standard-strength English ale which has an ABV 4.0%.
Shepherd Neame Spitfire
pitfire was first brewed to commemorate the 50th anniversery of the Battle of Britain and to raise money for the benevolent fund. The brewing industry International awards awarded Spitfire Premium Bitter the prestigious Gold Medal for the worlds best strong cask conditioned beer. Truely a beer worthy of the name Spitfire. ABV 4.7%
John Smiths
John Smiths is firmly established as Britains biggest-selling bitter and the leading Scottish Courage brand now commands more than 15% of the total UK standard bitter market. The brand enjoys the fastest growth rate of the country's top ten ales and the high-profile marketing support behind it continues to help John Smith's build on its position as the clear market leader. ABV 4%
Adnams brews a distinctive range of authentic beers from the finest of ingredients. Each has its own fresh, unique and vibrant character that will appeal to the most discerning drinkers – drinkers who cherish individuality and seek out brands with personality and style
Guinness draft. The absolute definition of an Irish dry stout. The head is legendary - creamy light brown, usually lasts longer than the beer does. Aroma is good, solid, pleasent. Color is dark and rich. Taste is full, rich, creamy. Slight bitterness. Aftertaste is solid, lingering, slightly hoppy. Clearly better than canned, and MUCH better than bottled!
Kronenburg 1664
The colour is gilded and shining with a fine but little persistent foam. The scents tenuous and are not very defined, except those of the luppolo that emerge overbearing. The taste is a pleasant one of impact which turns out sweet but after a moment a balanced luppolatura emerges that characterizes the end amarognolo.
Stella Artois
Stella Artois is renowned as a quality beer brewed for an average of 6-11 days, longer than most other beers, using the finest quality hops and barley including Bohemian Saas hops.
It is these Saas Hops that give Stella its distinctive full flavour. The perfect pint of should be served at 6-8 degrees centigrade to ensure the full flavour of the beer.
Fosters is a bottom fermented lager, made in the German style, and served iced cold. This was the key selling point in the early days when cold beer was the only way to quench your thirst in the hot Aussie summers.
Probably the best lager in the world, Carlsberg is a superior, well balanced lager with a distinctive refreshing taste. Ideal for every drinking situation, but best enjoyed chilled with friends.
This is a sweet and dry Cider that gives you a smooth, clean and appley flavour.

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